Woven Shiny Dots Black Grey

300 kr

Fabrics are sold per meter.

*30% Wool 30% Polyester 40% Polyamid
*Width 150cm
*Weight 320 g/m2
*Wash in 40 degrees, No tumble, one dot ironing

A cool fabric with woven silvershining dots that is leftover from one of our leading fashion brands. From this you can sew for example a real characteristic jacket, coat or skirt.

Wool is a common natural fibre that is obtained from sheep and other animals – cashmere and mohair come from goats, alpaca is from animals in the camel family, and angora comes from rabbits. It is renewable, recyclable, and – if not treated with chemicals – biodegradable. Wool is best known for its warming properties when it’s cold, but it is also temperature-regulating to stay cool when it’s warm. This is due to the structure of wool fibres which enables them to trap air and absorb moisture without becoming damp.

Polyester is next to cotton the most used fibre in the textile industry. It is traditional made of plastic polymers , melted into fibres. The fibre get durable, resistant for crinkles and easy to clean and dries quick. Using polyester mixtured with other fibres make the blend holding a higher quality when it comes to durability.

Polyamide is a manufactured fibre generated from a chemical process. Both polyester and polyamide are durable, but polyamide has the highest resistance of all fibres and is very stretchy and light.

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