Wool Blend Salt and Pepper

350 kr

Fabrics are sold per meter.

*60% Wool 35% Polyester 5% Silke 1% Elastane
*Width 145cm
*Weight 280g/m2
*Wash in hand- or woolprogramme, flat dry, no tumble, one dot ironing

This fabric is a wool blend in black ground colour and with salt & pepper pattern. Stylish and perfect to sew a lighter jacket, trousers, a skirt, a dress or a relaxed suit. It is soft and comfortable against the skin with a slight elastane that makes it stretchy. A fabric with wool can be aired instead of washing them to be kind to environment, if washing is needed use the wool or handwash programme and a mild detergent.

Wool – is a common natural fibre that is obtained from sheep, goat, rabbit or camels. It is renewable, recyclable, and if not treated with chemicals, biodegradable. Wool is best known for its warming properties when it’s cold, but it is also temperature-regulating to stay cool when it’s warm. This is due to the structure of wool fibres which enables them to trap air and absorb moisture without becoming damp.

Wool is often blended with other fibres to get it easier to handle and to get it smooth. With a blend of for ex. polyester it can get easier to wash and be more durable. This fabric has a slight silk in it which give a soft feeling.

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