Stretchwool Discrete Pinstripe Navy

400 kr

* 95% Wool 5% Elastane
* Width 150 cm
* Weight 270 g/m2

A luxurous soft thin wool fabric with stretch for a comfortable feeling. This is a light weight wool that will feel cool in summer and warm you when its cold, the optimal material. The blend with elastane will give you a stretchy and comfortable garment. Perfect for trousers, skirts, dresses or suits. Gentle handwash or wool programme, dry flat, iron 1 dot.

The trousers are sewn after High-waisted trousers pattern from The Assembly Line in design made with love in Scandinavia. You can buy their patterns both in PDF and paper format and it come with an easy-to-follow assembly instruction. Visit their site to learn more and to make orders.

Pinstripe is a pattern of very thin stripes running in parallel and are created with one single warp yarn.

Wool is a common natural fibre that is obtained from sheep, goat, rabbit or camels. It is renewable, recyclable, and if not treated with chemicals, biodegradable. Wool is best known for its warming properties when it’s cold, but it is also temperature-regulating to stay cool when it’s warm. This is due to the structure of wool fibres which enables them to trap air and absorb moisture without becoming damp.

Elastane is a synthetic technical fibre that gives stretch to fabric. It´s usually mixed with polyester or polyamide in sportswear, and with cotton or wool in trousers, shirts and suits to provide stretch.

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