Shell Outerwear Ecru/White

500 kr

Fabrics are sold per meter.

* 68% Polyester 21% Cotton 11% Polyamid
* Width 134 cm
* Weight 170 g/m2
* Handwash, 1 dot ironing, drip dry, no tumble

A jaquard woven fabric in beige and offwhite for coats & jackets, heavier dresses or skirts and why not sew a beautiful interior detail.

The jacket are sewn after Wrap jacket pattern from The Assembly Line in design made with love in Scandinavia. You can buy their patterns both in PDF and paper format and it come with an easy-to-follow assembly instruction. Visit their site to learn more and to make orders.

Jacquard is a fabric with a complicated pattern which has been woven in a loom using a special technique.

Cotton is the most used fibre on the market, it comes from the cotton plant. It is kind to the skin, comfortable to wear, breathable, durable and easy to care.

Polyester is next to cotton the most used fibre in the textile industry. It is traditional made of plastic polymers , melted into fibres. The fibre get durable, resistant for crinkles and easy to clean and dries quick. Using polyester mixtured with other fibres make the blend holding a higher quality when it comes to durability.

Polyamide is a manufactured fibre generated from a chemical process. Both polyester and polyamide are durable, but polyamide has the highest resistance of all fibres and is very stretchy and light.

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