Light Outerwear Beige

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Fabrics are sold per meter.

*50% Nylon 50% Cotton
*Width 150cm
*Weight 200 g/m2
*Wash in 40 degrees, tumble low temp, two dots ironing

A water repellant light fabric perfect for outerwear or for a crispy dress, shirt or skirt. It is woven in a discrete check pattern so it will give your garment a unique style.

Cotton is the most used fibre on the market, it comes from the cotton plant. It is kind to the skin, comfortable to wear, breathable, durable and easy to care.

Nylon is a synthetic fibre that is strong and lightweight. The fibers that makeup nylon are non-absorbent and smooth, causing items that are constructed of this fiber to dry quickly. Nylon resists dirt well and it does not become weakened by chemicals or sweat.

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