Textilfabriken + Rekotex = Sustainable Maker Room

With this collaboration we want to offer you as a customer the possibility to buy Rekotex top-quality fabrics that are leftovers from leading fashion and interior brands and at the same time give you inspiration, sewing tips, trend reports and share knowledge around materials and sustainability.

Textilfabriken i Borås was founded in 2020 by Linda Göthberg and Malin Wiland that both has a  long experience in the textile business. It was their will to be part in changing the textile production process into more sustainable and local that made them start the company. They help companies to produce locally which reduce over production, shorten lead times, reduce freight and emmissions and make the production chain transparent.

Rekotex was founded in 2017 by Marie Jonsson after working many years in the textile business seeing the problem that fashion- and interior companies has with stock of new fabrics that are leftovers when they are ready with their collections. Marie decided to become a fabric broker and make sure that these quality fabrics found their way home to new companies.

Sustainable Maker Room will make it possible to meet the great demand from tailors and private individuals who want to get hold of the high-quality materials Rekotex offer in smaller quantities than a whole roll.⁠⁠

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