Leftover fabrics

What is leftover fabrics? ⁠⁠

Larger brands in both fashion and interior design often start early in their process of developing new collections. It can be as long as one and a half year before the products go on sale. At such an early stage, it is difficult to predict how much will actually be sold, but you still need to order materials to know that there is more to sew from if a product is a success. In addition to this, fabric manufacturers also often require high minimum quantities to start the production of a fabric. Many companies therefore get growing stocks with completely new fabrics that they do not have channels and time to get disposed in a properly way. Here, Rekotex comes in as an intermediary and now Sustainable Maker room has opened up the opportunity for you to be able to buy a selected range of these fantastic quality fabrics from one meter and up.⁠⁠


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